Saturday, 8 November 2008

More help wanted

Mme Inkspot's birthday approaches. Yes, I do know what to get her, because she's told me: Black Orchid, by Tom Ford. (Duh, it's a perfume.) But frantic googling (is there any other kind?) reveals the existence of two sub-species: Voile de Fleur, and, well, it seems to be Not Voile de Fleur. FFS, which do I choose? Look, I'm used to parfum vs. eau de parfum vs. eau de toilette, but why must these manufacturers, sorry, parfumeurs or whatever, have to make a chap's life even harder? Especially as it's chaps who buy so much of their stuff; it's not in their interests to make us think, sod this for a game of soldiers, I'll get her a welding torch. Nor ours, come to that.

Update: further googling has contradicted the first googling: Voile de Fleur is not a sub-species of Black Orchid. Phew.

I am sure the world needed re-assurance on this point.


scarlet-blue said...

Sweetheart, ask her exactly what she wants and get her to write it down in block capitals. She won't mind. She just wants the right perfume.
Are you doing the embarrassing record tag. I can help you embed if you want me to.

Mrs Pouncer said...

And don't ever, ever go home with someone else's scent on you.

BEAST said...

Its a flipping minefield Inky , and girls are always vague , expecting a chap to follow the female convoluted thought processes

inkspot said...

Scarlet, she'd done all that; did it prevent my terrified confusion? Did it hell.

Mrs P, indeed no, have you ever done that?

Beast, thank heavens for a supportive view. Of course, you are now in line for all kinds of flak from the massive female readership of this blog.

Kevin Musgrove said...

"I couldn't find the one you wanted so I've bought you half a hundredweight of chocolate," sometimes works.