Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Don't go West

One pleasure of the New Jersey Turnpike is WBGO. It says it's a jazz station but is more unreliable than that. If it were more reliable it would be worse.

 The other day I turn it on to find it interviewing Cornel West. Wikipedia describes him as a public intellectual which is not the same as an intellectual; he left Harvard in a huff after the president suggested that he might like to do more with his time than make rap CDs. Well, one rap CD actually.

 Which is enough to establish him, or anyone, as a humourless bore. So I flip. The next channel is a country station playing a song about reggae cowboys.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Try googling "Cornel West is a black airhead". Are you the artist formerly known as Inskpot?

xerxes said...

Wow that was a fun google, thanks GB. David Horowitz is scary, you are really not allowed to say things like that in the US, it's like suggesting that Israel might occasionally be less than heroic.

Yes I am (was?) Inkspot. Becoming Xerxes was an accident but the new monicker will add something to whatever comments, or indeed adumbrations, I might have to make on the Greek situation.